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At an elevation of 1, meters, visitors will be able to enjoy a degree panoramic view of Mount Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi, and on fair weather days even the Minami Alps Mount Akaishi and Mount Arakawa are visible. I must admit that the view from the top is stunning and beautiful, especially the beautiful Mount Fuji. It was a Christmas gift for us to be able to see Mount Fuji clearly.

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After we took a lot of photos at Mt. Tenjo-yama observation deck, we took the ropeway again back to the ropeway station and visited nearby cookie store.

Shop — Rick’s Retro

We bought colourful Mt Fuji cookies which has 4 flavors. Each piece cost about yen. Next, we had our lunch at a restaurant in front of En Soleil cruise boat area.

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  4. This restaurant located at second floor, on top of mini market. For our lunch, we had yummy Hoto noodle served in hot iron pot, a perfect companion especially during winter season. The dish consists of thick wheat noodles in a miso based soup and is often served in an iron pot. While hoto noodles resemble extra thick udon noodles, they are prepared more like dumplings, and lend a heartier quality to the dish than udon would.

    The soup is traditionally a miso based broth with pumpkin and other seasonal vegetables added. It can be enjoyed all over the Fujigoko region at specialized restaurants, hotels, ryokan and other restaurants as well. After a satisfying lunch, we quickly cross the street and register our name for En Soleil Lake Kawaguchi Cruise boat.

    It was a gorgeous 20 minutes boat cruise on Lake Kawaguchiko. The view of Mt. Fuji and the scenery of town from the pleasure boat are wonderful and the kids liked the cruise so much.

    Iron-Ons & Appliques

    Mount Fuji shot from boat cruise. After completed the boat cruise, we quickly boarded the red line bus back to Kawaguchiko station and boarded the green line bus to go to Saiko Iyashino Sato Nemba. This place is also one of best spot to view Mount Fuji. The village was destroyed by a landslide during a typhoon in After arriving, we quickly bought the entrance ticket and ask the officer where we can rent Japanese kimono.

    Japanese kimono can be rented on house no However, please note that kimono rental ended at 3. Kimono rental fee is yen per person same price for adult and kids and visitors can wear the kimono for 1 hour.


    Saito Iyashino Sato Nenba was gorgeous and beautiful. We felt like we are at different era, surrounded by many Japanese traditional houses in peaceful and calming environment. Honestly, we took a lot of photo at this place, especially with the traditional Japanese costumes we wore on. We visited Fuji Tempura Idaten restaurant and had Japanese tempura for dinner. So yummy!

    The tempura is so crunchy and delicious especially when you dip to the sauce. The weather went colder and it reached -1 degree Celcius when we were at Lake Kawaguchi. The colder the weather, the kids were happier.

    They started to see smoke come out from their mouth. Get Deal.

    Retro r coupon price

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