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Flagged nearly every competitive program on my computer. I deleted and indicate my dissatisfaction. Love its User Interface and cloud scan features. Very fast scans. I use the combination of Zemana and Malware bytes for my weekly scans.


My PC had some malwares which were not detectable by Malwarebytes, which were detected by Zemana. I have been using Zemana now for 3 months, from a previous giveaway. Does it job very well, and prefer it to Malwarebytes as well. Never had a problem with it conflicting with my antivirus or any other antimalware I use on demand. Interesting enough, I then ran Emsisoft Emergency Kit on demand scan on both programs, and it came back with zero detection on any PUP. With that in mind, I have to mention the people behind Zemana. I had a false positive, from a program that I was sure it is benign.

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Sent in a sample, talked back and forth with their engineer via email, and the problem was solved. Excellent customer service. Do I recommend this program, very much so and you will not be disappointed. Btw, you can make a portable version to put on a USB key for take anywhere security. Nowadays, it is rather very difficult to keep yourself safe and protected from viruses, trojans, worms or other forms of malware that are getting stronger day by day. A strong and reliable anti-virus software is a need of almost all PC users, so all there files can be scanned and infected files can be fixed or removed rapidly.

Zemana AntiMalware Premium is a lightweight yet powerful malware remover tool that scans your PC for malicious files and removes them from your PC safely and completely. It is a 2 in 1 type of solution, it cleans your PC as well as protecting it from malware and viruses. You can check the box if you want to, even if you do not it can be enabled later from the settings. On the first run, this tool updates its signatures so it is ready to scan your PC.

The interface of the tool is entirely minimalistic, it contains an area where you can drag and drop files to be scanned, along with a button to start scanning the PC.

You can pick up any file or folder and drop it on the area provided on the main menu. This initiates a deep scan and even drives can be scanned using this method. Real-Time Protection This blocks the attempts to run the dangerous and malicious files before the infect your PC.

Technical Information

This protects you in situations when you run the infected files by mistake, or another application tries to run them. This gives your PC protection against malware and keeps it safe from getting infected. This feature analyze unknown files in the cloud before they execute on your PC. It can be also kept alongside other anti-virus software just as an extra layer of protection. Drop-down menu for scan type removed Older version had a drop-down menu to select the type of scan to run. This whole change is annoying and confusing. The scan times are very fast, it scanned almost 21, files in under 10 minute which is pretty impressive.

Zemana AntiMalware Premium is lightweight yet functional and powerful enough to keep your PC safe and protected against malware. It can run and work without interruptions alongside other antivirus softwares and acts as an extra layer of security for your PC. It is definitely recommended for those who do not want to spend a lot of money on system protection.

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The installation of this product is extremely easy and very light weight versus other products that provides protection for this purpose. No conflicts noticed. There seems to be no way to turn off the update mechanism for that and I would like the ability to control the updates. If there is something in here that I seemed to miss, please let me know. Zemana AntiMalware Premium comes across as a suitable solution for cleaning up your infected computer.

Actually, it is a two-in-one antimalware package. That is, it not only helps in cleaning computer systems but also provide the necessary protection against viruses and malware. The protection extends to your browsing experience to ensure you no longer have to deal with annoying pops that could expose you to unwanted clicks.

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Some of the factors that contribute to such a smooth experience are its relatively small installation file and intuitive installation wizard. Right away, you will get to know what this antimalware offers just by looking at the main window options. Real Time Protection This antimalware promises to provide real time protection, which is a really impressive offering.

In order to do so, your computer will be safe from a number of malware like unwanted browser add-ons as well as zero day threats and new virus definitions. Given this type of protection, you would that coveted peace of mind as you browse the web. However, before you actually get to view the sub-options here, you will have to read the warning. After proceeding, one of the helpful sub options is the Auto Upload.

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If you leave this option checked, the program will ensure that it uploads unknown objects to the Scan Cloud. This approach helps in executing the real time protection option. Feels Lightweight I have used other anti-virus programs before. However, I was quick to note a difference when using Zemana AntiMalware Premium based on their impact on computer performance and resource usage.

Noteworthy, this program uploads new and local unknown objects to the cloud hence transferring the processing demands. You can either opt for the Smart scan, which is the equivalent of a quick scan, or just go for the full scan. You have chosen to thumb up this deal. Great deal.

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