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The team consisted of 23 climbers of which one could only make it as far as summiting Stella Point, about a kilometre to the ultimate Uhuru Peak. Another had to descend before reaching the first peak, Gilman peak. Singing and ululation from family and friends of the climbers echoed through the corridors of OR Tambo International Airport yesterday as the victorious team emerged. Despite the challenges, Madonsela described the expedition as an exhilarating experience and said she was going back next year.

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Vilane, a South African mountaineer who has led the expedition since its inception in , said his experience with Madonsela had showed him he could now guide blind people. I gave her instructions and she followed what I was saying to her. When he found Madonsela, she was physically weak and had lost a lot of energy.

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Learn More. Kilimanjaro: Four ways to the top Kilimanjaro is no picnic, but unlike other massive peaks, it gives those daring enough to climb it multiple routes to the top. Will the altitude affect us? What will we eat? What are the conditions like?

Where will we sleep? Is that a problem?

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The G Difference Kilimanjaro is a beast of a mountain, but our skilled staff and dedicated support crews are always ready to help you get the best of it. Our treks connect you with other trekkers headed up Kili, helping everyone keep costs down. Our successful summit ratio is second to none. Unlike other companies, we bundle the cost of securing your climbing permit and national park fees into the trip price.


Fees for equipment, meals on the mountain, transport, and support staff are included, too. We offer five treks on four routes of varying difficulty some of which even include safaris. Depending on the route, trekkers spend between five and eight full days on the mountain. We have staff on the ground in Moshi to assist you at your hotel and get you prepared for the ascent at base camp.